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How does FitGroup USA work?

Who does FitGroup USA provide services to?

Is FitGroup USA available nationwide?

What types of facilities and communities can benefit from using FitGroup USA’s services?

What types of fitness classes are offered through FitGroup USA?

How do I sign up as an instructor on the FitGroup USA app?

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How does FitGroup USA handle communication between instructors & facilities?

Is there a minimum or maximum number of classes that facilities must schedule in order to get services from FitGroup USA?

How quickly can facilities and communities expect to find suitable instructors through FitGroup USA?

Can facilities and communities specify their preferences for class times, durations, and frequencies?

Can facilities and communities offer feedback or suggestions for improving FitGroup USA’s Services?

How does FitGroup USA handle payments between facilities and instructors?

Are there any opportunities for facilities and communities to collaborate with FitGroup USA on special events or promotions?

How can I contact FitGroup USA for support or inquiries?