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  • CLASS CANCELLATIONS: A 25.00 cancellation fee will be applied to any classes that are confirmed and then cancelled. CANCELLATION must be received 24 HOURS prior to class session in order to avoid paying for full services.

  • All classes will be invoiced on the FIRST of the month and payable to FIT GROUP USA, LLC. within 30 days of final class (PLEASE DO NOT PAY INSTRUCTORS DIRECTLY). Invoices outstanding 60 days or more will be charged a one-time $50.00 late payment fee.

  • Fit Group USA is not responsible for CLASS ATTENDANCE. Classes with zero participation will still be billed per the agreed upon class charge. 

  • All venues agree to assume RISK OF LIABILITY and, when possible, have participants sign the waiver of liability. Participants should participate in classes only with a clear understanding of the risks involved in a physical/fitness class.

  • All teachers provided are Independently Contracted with Fit Group USA and cannot be contracted out privately.​  |  619.832.6721

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