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SeniorFit Exercises


Hi, my name is Evan Russo and I'll be your instructor for the SeniorFit course presented by Fit Group USA. This course is fully customizable and can be rearranged to fit your community's needs. Follow along with me and we can take you through our core template that guarantees the most success. In this tier you will have access to online guides and video tutorials that will give you 5 interchangeable fitness classes, you will have access to them at anytime. Classes Included: - 30 min Upper Body Workout - 30 min Lower Body Workout - 30 min Core Workout - 30 min Chair Yoga - 30 min Chair Cardio Dance In each section you'll learn how to host a workout. Since this is your first course, let me take a minute to explain the structure of these pages and how you can use them most effectively. First, let's start with the video. The video will walk you through this work out step by step so you can learn how to lead it yourself. Start by watching the video and mirroring the exercises and movements for each step. Second, print out and review the PDF workout guide. This is a written out version of what is explained in the video. This will help you master the content so you can put your own flare on it when hosting your class. Third, after you host the workout session, fill out the sign in sheet for the week and optionally print it for in person convenience. Lastly, fill out the questionnaire in the "Post Session Evaluation" at the end of each section so you can continually improve!


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